Hunting Kodiak

Kodiak offers some great opportunities for hunters.

Kodiak Bear hunts occur in both spring and fall, with special considerations for each hunting season. Bears harvested during the spring typically have longer hair and claws, however, the occurrence of rubbing is more common shortly after they emerge from their dens. In the fall, hunting is best where bears are concentrated on streams to feed on salmon. During this time their coats are generally full and even. Alaska law requires all non-residents to use the service of a hunting guide for Kodiak Bears.
Kodiak Bear Hunting

Kodiak is infamous for its often times wet and windy weather. Spring weather is generally better, with more sunshine and much longer days. Depending on springtime conditions, most bears are hunted before the vegetation leafs out, providing greater visibility into brushy areas while glassing. The days can seem quite short during fall hunts and average temperatures are cooler. Weather and precipitation can vary greatly around the island; often times when it is raining in the town of Kodiak, conditions are fair around the central, more protected bays such as Uyak Bay and Spiridon Bay.

Sitka Deer are abundant throughout the Kodiak archipelago. A sub-species of Mule deer, the Sitka or Black-tailed deer are smaller than mule deer, with average bucks weighing around 150 pounds. Antler configuration is similar to that of a mule deer. Sitka deer hunting is permitted from August 1 to December 31, however the best hunting is from late October through November. During this time several factors contribute to the quality of deer hunts, such as the occurrence of the rut, which peaks in mid November. Also, the descending snow line tends to push black-tailed deer down the mountains, making them more accessible. It is not uncommon to find good bucks at sea level during this time. Both Sitka Black-tailed does and bucks respond to calls during the rut. A quiet fawn bleat can sometimes bring in a nearby buck.

Sitka Deer are susceptible to Kodiak's harsh winters and populations can be greatly reduced by winter-kill. However because of their high reproductive potential, Kodiak deer populations normally recover rapidly. The last major die off due to winter kill was in 1998,99. Current population estimates are good, with the 2011- 2012 winter kill rate only slightly higher than average.

Kodiak continues to become an increasingly popular place for unparalleled mountain goat hunting. With an expanding mountain goat population at an all-time high and harvest success rates considerable better than on the Alaska mainland, Kodiak is an obvious choice for many hunters. Though many areas of the island offer access to goats at elevations much lower than they are typically found elsewhere, these hunts can be physically demanding and dangerous. Alaska law requires non-residents to use the services of a licensed hunting guide.

Selecting a Hunting Guide / Outfitter

Much of Alaska Game Management Unit 8 (Kodiak) is within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge (KNWR). The unit is subdivided into areas in which exclusive guide concessions are awarded through a competitive application process. When considering a guide or outfitter, it is important to talk with MANY references. If possible, speak with individuals who did not harvest an animal during their hunt, often times this will give you a better idea about the quality of the outfitter's services. Also consider the guide's hunt areas and longevity.

The Kodiak Hunting Guides Directory includes a list of Kodiak Hunting guides with
outfitter information including hunt prices and reviews.

Kodiak Hunting Videos
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Kodiak Mountain Goat Hunt (2011)
Video Submitted 03/21/2012
Location: Kodiak Island, Alaska Uyak Bay DG480
Kodiak Bear Hunt Video (2011)

Video Submitted 06/13/2012
Location: Kodiak Alaska
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